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Draft Dodgers

Draft dodgers: Weather stripping your home

Right-of-Way Spraying Begins

Spoon River Electric Cooperative's forestry department recently began applying herbicide to areas served by our Mason City substation. The spraying will continue throughout September as weather allows to locations that underwent tree trimming in 2013 and the beginning of 2014.  These areas include facilities extending from the Mason City, Poplar City, and Salisbury substations.

For a map of the area and more infromation see our Tree Trimming Page.

LIHEAP Help Paying Bills

  If you qualify, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) would provide a one-time lump sum payment directly to us on your behalf. The payment is based upon the number of people in your household and their combined 30-day gross monthly income. Family of one-$1,459; two-$1,966; four-$2,981. Call your local office below for additional amounts and information.

Understanding the Power Cost Adjustment

A Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) is a direct reflection of our power supply and transmission costs; when the PCA is implemented, the line will appear as a positive or negative dollar amount on your bill. The PCA will be shown when the cost of providing power rises above or falls below our budgeted levels for power supply and we need to pass those cost changes on to you. The PCA was implemented with your August bill.

Keep in mind the PCA is not a new charge; we’ve had it in our rate structure for more than 20 years, although it had not appeared on your bills for five years.

Warren Goetsch named Secretary of AIEC Board

Menard Electric Cooperative Director Warren Goetsch was recently elected for a two-year term as Secretary of the Association of Illinois Electric Cooperative’s (AIEC) Board of Directors. Warren previously served as Treasurer of the AIEC Board. He was named Secretary during a reorganizational meeting held after the AIEC’s annual meeting of members.

MEC 101

In reference to August as back-to-school time, we’re teaching MEC 101.

Beware of Phone Scam

One of our members received a call today from a man who claimed the member would be disconnected in 45 minutes unless they provided an immediate minimum payment by credit card for an overdue balance. We have heard of similar calls being made to other utility customers across the country and we reported the scam on our website earlier this year after a member was contacted.

    Fortunately, this member today did the right thing by hanging up and calling our office. We will never call demanding immediate payment by phone.

Voluntary Efforts Aid Menard County Fairgrounds

Commitment to Community

Youth to Washington Tour

June 27, 2014


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